Juke Box
"A jukebox is a partially automated music-playing device, usually a coin-operated machine, that can play specially selected songs from self-contained media. The traditional jukebox is rather large with a rounded top and has colored lighting going up the front of the machine on its vertical sides. The classic jukebox has buttons with letters and numbers on them that, when combined, are used to indicate a specific song from a particular record."
Definition of Juke Box at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juke_box
In the pre stereo era, say before the middle of seventies, the only source of hearing of songs for Tamil film music buffs, was the radio. Those who could afford (thanks to whom the TFM survives with its classics), did purchase copies of the records published by music companies and many music connoisseurs preserved them for the generations to come. TFM gratefully acknowledges those music lovers without whose generosity, these classics wouldn't have survived. And the other source was this Juke Box. These Juke Boxes were placed in Hotels mostly, and as defined above, catered to the needs of music lovers. This title has thus found its place here to reminiscend those days.
A sample of some of the compositions of Mellisai Mannargal M.S.Viswanathan-T.K. Ramamurthi can be listened by clicking the image (red circle in a blue square) below. Please reciprocate our respects to the legends by buying original publications from the music companies which in turn would benefit these legendary composers.
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Marumagal Chinna chinna veedu katti
Jenova Kaadhal vaazhvil Naane
Hallo Mr. Zamindaar Ilamai koluvirukkum
Amudhavalli Aadai katti vandha nilavo
Maalaiyitta Mangai Engal Draavida ponnaade
Paasavalai Anbinaale undaagum Inba nilai
Kavalai Illaadha Manidhan Pirakkum bodhum azhugindraan
Vairamaalai Koovaamal koovum kokilam
Petra Maganai Vitra Annai Thendral urangiya podhum
Mani Osai Daevan kovil mani osai
Aalukkoru Veedu Anbumanam Kanindha Pinnae
Vaazhkkai Vaazhvadharkae Naan Paadiya Paadal
Thendral Veesum Azhagaana Malare
Bandha Paasam Kavalaigal Kidakkattum
Kalaikkovil Thanga Radham Vandadhu
Panatthottam Oru Naal Iravil
Veeratthirumagan Paadaadha Paattellaam
Needhipadhi Aanandhame Aanandham
Thendral Veesum Yeah Mama Kobamaa
Thaagam theerum dhraatchai rasam ennodu Anaiyaa Vilakku